You Struggle With Social Media Because…

Social media is the achilles heel for most Realtors & Lenders. Why? Because it’s still “newish.” It’s not referenced in some of the original real estate and mortgage books and training manuals.

It’s kind of taught as a bonus…you can use it, but you definitely don’t have to, is how it’s taught in a lot of places.

But it’s 2021, social media isn’t a novelty item in your business…it should be the core of what you do. It should be where you tap into your database every single day. Regardless…you’re struggling…and here is five reasons why…

ONE – You Don’t Treat People & Social Media The Same

Think about some of the things we do on social media and what they would be like with a real person…

You give thumbs up on posts…but you would never see someone you know and just shoot a thumbs up in the air without actually talking to them.

You do hardcore sales posts on social media to your friends…but you would never talk like that in person to someone you know.

You only talk about yourself on social media…but (hopefully) you wouldn’t do that in person…you would also ask questions and be interested in them.

For some reason, because there is a screen between us…we let it make us real weird. The key to social media is getting back to normal. Treat people on social media like social media in real life. If you wouldn’t do it to their face…don’t say it on social media.

TWO – You Say The Wrong “I Ams” To Yourself

I was interviewing Grant Wise for my podcast this morning and he blew my mind! He started talking about how many of us are destined to fail simply because of the way we speak to ourselves…we use the wrong “I am” statements.

You might say things like “I’m not good at video.” Well, what the heck?! How are you going to get better at video if that is what you’re saying to yourself every day? You might say, “I am boring.” Dang it…if you think this way, you’ll never do more stories and talk about what you’re doing today…you’re too boring! You might say, “I am not good-looking enough.” Shut yo mouth! You’re amazing! You’re awesome! You’re perfect just the way you are! People love you! How will you embrace the statement, “I am awesome,” if you are always believing the opposite? Stop it!

Your thoughts will always trump your desire to take action. Fix your thoughts and things begin to change!

So, starting right now, create some “I am” statements about yourself. Write them down each morning and/or say them out loud each morning and watch your mindest begin to shift! You’ve probably heard that thoughts are things…well, they are. Let’s get better at them!

THREE – You Post & Ghost Too Much

Over the years of doing social media, I’ve noticed some things…one of those things is that engaging on social media is more important than posting good content.

If you just post and ghost, you’re doing great content, but you’re ruining the algorithm by not engaging with people. You’re training your audience that you don’t care if they comment or not, which means they will eventually stop commenting.

Reply to their comments on your videos and posts. Reply to their stories and show up in their DM’s. Genuinely care about them. Your social media will instantly improve when you start showing up with a genuine affinity for your people. Love on them and they’ll love you back.

FOUR – You’re Putting Too Much Pressure On Yourself With Video

I have a coaching client who is an awesome dude! But he’s been so far in his own head when it comes to video that he has refused to take action for almost two months. Finally yesterday I said this to him…

“Bro, you are like the little kid that walks to the top of the tallest slide at the water park, gets to the top, knows it will be fun, but every time takes the walk of shame back down past all the other kids that are going to overcome their fear and have the ride of their life! The only way for you to break through is to DO THE VIDEO. That’s it. Stop overthinking. Stop assuming that people will or won’t watch. Just do it!”

Well, I’m proud to say that today he did his second video in a row and I’m so proud of him!

Stop overthinking video! BE YOURSELF! Do it afraid! Your videos are for your people…not a bunch of strangers.

They know what you look like. They know what you sound like. They know how funny or “not funny” you are. They KNOW YOU. So just be yourself. Period.

You’re not the little kid at the top of the slide…you’re a grown adult. Be confident. Bring value. You have so much to give!

FIVE – You Need To Quit Making Excuses

I need a better camera…I need a ring light…I need to redo my office…I need to add more friends first…I’ll start Monday…I’m just not a social media person…blah, blah, blah.

Quit. Right. This. Second.

You want to be more successful, right? You want to help more people, right? You want to provide everything and more for your family, right?

Then stop making excuses for why you’re not fighting to get better at the most powerful marketing tool on the planet! And guess what? It’s FREE! Say what?! Yes, it’s free! But you’d rather pay thousands of dollars to reach a bunch of strangers. Geez…

Come on, guys! You know that you want to be better. So be willing to suck at first and get after it! Your people need you! Time to start using social media to serve them! How can I help?