Three Options, No Setup Fee, & No Long-Term Contract

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Do It Yourself

Up to 2 Videos

Do it With You

Up to 4 Videos

Done For You

Up to 4 Videos

Edit each video with intro, outro, logos, and cuts

Youtube Thumbnail

Upload to your channel

Micro-Content Short Videos from each original video

Micro-Content Quote Graphics from each original video

Scripted Emails

Blog Transcription

Write Your Social Media Copy

Schedule Posts to your Social Media

Includes Monthly Coaching

Create Up to 4 custom graphics per month

Original - any long form video can be switched for 3 reels

Let Us Post For You...

If you are using our micro-content service, but don’t want to post all your content, let us do it! We will do the following…

  • Post on up to six channels/groups/pages/etc. for you Monday – Friday.
  • We create each week’s content the week before and give you 48 hours to ask us to edit anything.
  • We will create up to four custom graphics for you a month for your social media.
  • You can show us content from others and we’ll recreate how you see fit and post it on your social media.

If you are ready to get started with the Content Compounding service and “Done For You” click this link or the button below.

Custom Solutions...

At Content Compounding, we thrive on the unique and the imaginative. Crafting custom projects is not just our work; it’s our passion. We believe every idea has its own heartbeat, and our mission is to bring that pulse to life through masterful video editing and content creation. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind corporate presentation, a bespoke social media campaign, or a personalized storytelling piece, we approach each project with a blend of creativity, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of your vision.

Our team gets genuinely excited about diving into the diverse world of custom needs. We see it as a canvas for innovation, where your ideas are the paint and our skills are the brush. The collaborative process is what we cherish most, working hand-in-hand with you to transform abstract concepts into concrete masterpieces. For us, every custom project is a journey we embark on together, ensuring the end result not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Let’s create something extraordinary together!

Over 40 pieces of content and not just random content…but content that is actually you!

You send us up to four videos every month. Record them on your phone (or whatever equipment you prefer), upload them through your shared folder, and then approve the content once it’s ready. Then do it again the next month and the month after that…

We do an onboarding call to show you how it works, talk you through best practices, and show you where your content will be available to you. Then we receive your videos (and yes, if they are bad, we will tell you) and get to work.

  • We fully edit them with intro, outro, etc.

  • We create micro-content. Short videos, emails, blogs, quote graphics, stories, Reels, Tiktoks, etc.

When the work is completed we put it in a shared Google folder for you to start using on social media.

You will also have the opportunity to schedule a Content Coaching Call with Coach Kyle to get your content ideas and strategies in alignment.

If you are on the “Do It Yourself” or “Do It with You” packages, you will be responsible for putting the content on all of your preferred channels, pages, groups, etc.

But, if you don’t want to post your content or don’t have time…we have a “Done For You” service for you as well. (more about this below)


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