My life is DOPE!

If that’s all you hear…you’ll leave thinking I’m kind of a douche bag! Ha.

But, here’s what I mean…

I’m currently listening to the book “Soundtracks” by Jon Acuff.

He talks about how we all have soundtracks in our lives that we play over and over again…

Well, if the average adult has 60k thoughts a day and 80% of those thoughts are negative, our soundtracks suck!

So, we can stay the same by doing nothing, or we can realize this, and change the soundtracks.

My new soundtrack…My life is DOPE!

In Jon’s book, he says, “You can’t have gratitude until you admit something is good.”

Do you believe that anything is good in your life?

Do you say it out loud? Because if you’re like me…you’ll think the good things, but proclaim out loud the bad things.

This has to change if our lives are going to change!

Here are some soundtracks that I’m adding to my life…

“My life is dope!”

“People want to give me their money.”

“The right people value what I have to say.”

“Good things are coming my way today.”

What’s a new soundtrack you’re going to add to your life? Put them in the comments. I’d love to learn from you!