Coach Kyle

(as most people call him) is a husband, father, speaker, entrepreneur, and a man who loves people the way Jesus loves him!

Kyle spent his 20’s as a youth pastor, then jumped into roofing and owned a website company designed to help Realtors showcase their houses.

Journey to Social Media Mastery: Unveiling 'Content Compounding.

As a way to add value, he started learning social media and teaching classes all over Oklahoma. It took a little while, but his contagious personality and unique ways of connecting with people…in 2018 he left that company to chase after coaching and teaching social media full-time.

As he’s traveled around and spoke in front of and coached thousands of entrepreneurs, Kyle realized a problem…they hated and/or weren’t great at social media…realizing there had to be a better way, he created a concept called, “Content Compounding.”

Turning Adversity into Opportunity: The Birth of Content Compounding.

When COVID hit and Kyle lost all of his speaking gigs around the country…in a panic, he turned a teaching concept into a company. A client called and said, “You know that content compounding thing you teach us…if I hired a teenager, would you teach him how to do it for me?” The moment she said that the lightbulb came on and the rest is history!

Content Compounding was birthed out of desperation, but grown out of excitement and passion.

We are passionate about serving as the pedestal you get to stand on in front of your people…

Because we believe that for most entreprenuers… you don’t need to know more people, you need to add more value and show up more often to the people you already know.

It is our goal to help grow your brand and reach farther than you could have ever thought possible.

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