Do You Know How Much You’re Worth?

When I was in 7th grade I asked my dad an interesting question…

We were at home standing in the kitchen when I looked out and someone mowing our yard.

I turned to my dad and said, “Dad, why don’t you mow our yard like some of my friend’s dads do?”

And I’m sure I said it sarcastically as the “cool” teenager I thought I was…

But what he said to me now is one of my guiding lights in growing my business!

He said, “son, my time is worth $200 an hour. I can pay someone to mow my yard for way less than that.”

I don’t think I truly grasped the significance of that moment back then…but I definitely do now!

You see…he wasn’t saying that he was too good to mow the yard. He wasn’t saying he was lazy and just didn’t want. He was saying that if he can be productive with his time while someone else is mowing the yard, it just makes more sense.

How many things in our business take us away from where we really make our money?

  • You add your own listings to MLS.
  • You design your own graphics.
  • You drive 4-hours roundtrip to pick up earnest money.
  • You call cold leads.
  • And so, so, so much more…

I want you to put a dollar amount to how much your time is worth when you’re doing money-generating activities. $100/hour? $250/hour? What is it?

Then, think about what you could pay someone to do one of the tasks above to accomplish what you’ve been doing yourself?

Spoiler alert…it’s going to be a massive difference! Because many of you (myself included) are personally doing things that someone on Fiverr would do for $10!

Why am I teaching you this and telling you my story?

Because this is where businesses go to die if you’re not careful…

So many of the “easy” tasks are safe…so we keep doing them ourselves. But you’ll plateau so quickly in your business if you stay here too long.

I want you to make a list…what are the things you can let go of to create more margin in your business?

And selfishly, I want to show you how I can help rid you of some of this pain too…

Let me take all your content and social media struggles off your hands…let me simplify for you!

Go check out my Content Compounding right now! It will blow your mind!

But most importantly…know how much things cost an hour, you included! So that when you face the next opportunity to say yes or no to something, you can compare the hourly and know right away if it’s a good decision or not.

Thanks for ready! See you next time.