Gen X Finds a Home on TikTok: Exploring the Shift in Social Media Preferences

Hey, awesome CC clients!  It’s time to take our monthly look at social media trends.  Up this month: TikTok!  In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, trends come and go with the swiftness of a viral meme. Lately, there’s been a noticeable shift among Generation X, those born between the early 1960s and late 1970s. […]

The Power of Authenticity on Social Media: More Than Just a Trend

In today’s hyper-connected world, social media has become a cornerstone of our daily lives. From personal interactions to professional networking, these platforms offer a myriad of opportunities to connect, engage, and share our stories. However, amidst the noise of curated content and polished personas, authenticity stands out as a powerful force that can truly resonate […]

Social Platforms, the Hottest New Search Engines?

You hear of a new restaurant.  You think you might want to try it.  Where do you go first?  For a lot of us, it’s social media.  Do they have a Facebook page?  Do creatively crafted photos of their food grace their Instagram grid?   We’ve got news for you.  According to Hootsuite article by Britny […]