The Pyramid of Influence for Social Media!

If left to ourselves, we aren’t great at influencing people on purpose. We typically influence people by accident.

This happens to be why we (mostly) suck at social media.

Because everything that happens to us is on accident and we are just kind of along for the ride.

We post on social media with this attitude and then wonder why no one is paying attention to us…

Well, this all changes today after you learn about the Pyramid of Influence.

If we keep posting without intentionality, we’ll burn out because we’ll put out a whole lot of effort and reap very little results.

So, when you’re ready to have real influence over people, continue reading this article.

You ready?

We have to start our content from a place of ENGAGEMENT.

Simple content. Playful content. “Easy to engage” content.

Because of how “salesy” social media is…most of us scroll it with our guard up.

When we lead with sales-driven content, we get nowhere with people.

We must treat social media the same way we would treat having coffee with someone.

We start simple…

Where are you from? What do you do for a living? What do you do for fun?

We have to recreate this type of conversation on social media to earn people’s trust.

Something as simple as a post asking if people are dog or cat people…

This will get tons of comments. That’s what we want. People’s guards are down because this type of post has nothing to do with business. Just engage…

It feels silly, but it works. (and if you need more ideas, reach out! I have tons)

After we establish a baseline relationship on social media, then we can move up to VALUE.

A post coming from value could be as simple as a quote from a book you’re reading. It could be a picture of how low gas is at a certain gas station and you’re telling everyone about it.

There’s no motive…just value.

Once we are establishing value regularly, we can move up to INFLUENCE.

As we establish influence, your social media friends/followers genuinely value your opinion.

Now you can begin to post about things that have nothing to do with work.

Talk about parenting, leadership, gardening, mountain biking, makeup, etc.

Whatever you want.

We want to use our influence to connect with people at a level deeper than what we can sell them.

This gets beyond our next transaction and closer to more referrals.

You see, most people use social media to get their next lead…but if we use social media to prepare for our next referral, it completely changes the mindset we have about how social media works.

As we earn the influence of others, then we get the opportunity to spend time in the VISION zone.

The vision zone is where we can begin to invite people to be a part of the vision we have for our lives & business.

You could spotlight a non-profit that you support through your business. You can begin to share goals and dreams to connect. Your ability to be authentic and transparent is vital when you begin to share your vision.

You don’t need to have it all figured out, you just want to be able to clearly articulate your heart and why this matters. And it’s a lot of fun to get people on board with what your hopes and dreams are.

The next zone is what I call the WALKING AMBASSADORS zone.

I was introduced to this term from the book, The Go Giver. In this book, walking ambassadors are referred to as people that will tell others about you as often as they get the chance.

In my business, I have about 12-15 walking ambassadors. They are constantly referring people to me. They promote my podcast at every turn. They tell people how great of a speaker I am.

These are people who love and trust me because of the value I have brought to their life.

Are you bringing value to people? If you are, what it is? Email me. I want to know what you’re doing. 🙂

At the tippity top of this here pyramid, you get the “DO ANYTHING” zone.

Here’s the biggest difference between your walking ambassadors and your “do anything” people…

Your WA’s talk about you willingly to others without any promptings.

Your DA’s WILL do anything, but they need to be asked. I have people all over this country that will do anything for me, I just have to ask.

Who are your DA’s? Are you getting face time with them? Have you asked them for something recently? They are ready to help, they just need a nudge from you.

This pyramid will change your life.

It will change the impact you have in your city and through your business.

Slow down, be intentional, and start at the bottom.

Engagement – Value – Influence – Vision – Walking Ambassadors – Do Anything.

You got this. Thanks for reading. How can I help?