If You’re Keeping Secrets, You’re Not Growing!

I run into people regularly that believe their success has come from the “trade secrets” they have kept to themselves.

Do you know what I think? I think secrets are dumb. I think secrets stunt our growth.


Because if you already have the secrets, you don’t need or want to be better.

Plus, you’re breaking the “code of sales.”

What is the code of sales? Just know I made this up…but it’s this…you learned your so-called “secrets” from someone else…so why are you hoarding from others what was given to you? Not cool, guys. Not cool.

If you tend to be a hoarder or protector of the secret sauce that you think you and/or your business has… here are a few tips to help you overcome that self-limiting belief.

#1 — You are protecting the wrong “secret.”

Your biggest advantage isn’t the secret you think you possess. Your biggest advantage is you! Give your secret to 100 people and they’ll all do something different with it.

If you choose to realize this as you’re reading, that you are the secret sauce to your operation…your mindset will shift instantly! I encourage you to see “your secret” differently.

#2 — You’re stunting your own growth.

When someone believes they have found the “secret sauce,” they don’t need to keep going. You will become stagnant in your growth and lose your desire to learn and grow.

Every day I give away everything. I hold nothing back. Why…

  • Because I can’t keep re-filling a full cup.
  • Because it forces me to keep learning new things and developing new strategies.
  • Because if I’m not careful, I’ll develop a scarcity mindset. More on this later…

Force yourself “show your work” as you’re learning and growing. When you do, watch how attractive you become to the people around you. They want you, not your “secret.”

#3 — Your scarcity mindset will ruin you.

When we operate with “secrets” in our lives and business, we slowly build walls around us that keep people out. Why? Because if people get too close, they’ll be able to take advantage of what I know. So we keep them at a distance.

This is what happens when people truly believe that there isn’t enough business to go around. That is scarcity talking. But when you choose to believe that there is plenty for everyone. When you know there are people out there that are “your people” and you just have to find them…the abundance mindset shows up.

And trust me…you don’t want to scale the mountain of your industry, achieve what you wanted to achieve, but then look back and have brought no one with you. Do you?

Your secrets are dangerous. You better be careful.

So what do we do know? Make a list of the “secrets” that you’ve been believing give you a competitive advantage. Then ask yourself, is it the secret or my uniqueness making this work? After that conversation…open yourself up, start sharing what you know with anyone who will listen, and watch yourself start making room for the next season of growth in your life!

It’s going to blow your mind!