The Power of Authenticity on Social Media: More Than Just a Trend

In today’s hyper-connected world, social media has become a cornerstone of our daily lives. From personal interactions to professional networking, these platforms offer a myriad of opportunities to connect, engage, and share our stories. However, amidst the noise of curated content and polished personas, authenticity stands out as a powerful force that can truly resonate […]

My Life Is DOPE!

My life is DOPE! If that’s all you hear…you’ll leave thinking I’m kind of a douche bag! Ha. But, here’s what I mean… I’m currently listening to the book “Soundtracks” by Jon Acuff. He talks about how we all have soundtracks in our lives that we play over and over again… Well, if the average […]

You Struggle With Social Media Because…

Social media is the achilles heel for most Realtors & Lenders. Why? Because it’s still “newish.” It’s not referenced in some of the original real estate and mortgage books and training manuals. It’s kind of taught as a bonus…you can use it, but you definitely don’t have to, is how it’s taught in a lot […]

Do You Know How Much You’re Worth?

When I was in 7th grade I asked my dad an interesting question… We were at home standing in the kitchen when I looked out and someone mowing our yard. I turned to my dad and said, “Dad, why don’t you mow our yard like some of my friend’s dads do?” And I’m sure I […]

Are You Top Of Mind?

You are overthinking sales… If you help people buy and sell houses or you help people get loans for those houses… You work with LOCAL PEOPLE. This means you work with people that already know, like, and trust you! But you may already be screwed up… You got your real estate license, started being trained […]

But What If…

What if we are wrong? What if I’m wrong? What if you’re wrong? Why do we hold so tightly to what we believe is true? Why do we find ourselves so offended when someone challenges our way of thinking? Isn’t that interesting? If someone says your racist…our immediate response is…NO I’M NOT! If someone says […]

5 Ways To Get In Front Of The Camera!

Let’s face it, recording video content for social media can be a daunting task, especially when you’re trying to build your personal brand. Fear of judgment, imposter syndrome, and the pressure to be perfect can paralyze even the most confident among us. But don’t worry, there are strategies you can use to overcome these fears […]

The Pyramid of Influence for Social Media!

If left to ourselves, we aren’t great at influencing people on purpose. We typically influence people by accident. This happens to be why we (mostly) suck at social media. Because everything that happens to us is on accident and we are just kind of along for the ride. We post on social media with this […]

If You’re Keeping Secrets, You’re Not Growing!

I run into people regularly that believe their success has come from the “trade secrets” they have kept to themselves. Do you know what I think? I think secrets are dumb. I think secrets stunt our growth. Why? Because if you already have the secrets, you don’t need or want to be better. Plus, you’re […]