Are You Top Of Mind?

You are overthinking sales…

If you help people buy and sell houses or you help people get loans for those houses…

You work with LOCAL PEOPLE.

This means you work with people that already know, like, and trust you!

But you may already be screwed up…

You got your real estate license, started being trained in the art of sales, and now you have lost your ability to simply stay top of mind to YOUR people.

I want to give you three simple questions to ask yourself to realize what you’re leaving on the table by not focusing more on your sphere of influence.

#1 – Do you have a plan?

The greatest way to leverage your sphere in a sales position is through social media.

But wishful thinking doesn’t make you money.

Taking a dozen classes doesn’t make you money.

Thinking about a plan doesn’t make you money.

Actually, having one does!

How many times a week are you going to post? What day is going to be your video day? What platform is going to be your primary focus at first?

Write all these answers down.

Ask a friend or colleague to hold you accountable.

If you are doing anything consistently on social media…you should be getting at a minimum 1 referral buyer/seller a month. Easy!

#2 – Are you repurposing your content?

Just about everything you post could be repurposed on other platforms.

But the best content for this…VIDEO!

If you are committed to doing video, your business will grow quickly!

This is what I call content compounding

You can take a video and use it on Facebook and Instagram, you can upload it to YouTube, you can turn it into a blog on your website, you can create social graphics with quotes that you said in it, and you can create shorter videos from the full video.

This would 6x to 8x your content regularly which allows you to be more top of mind with your sphere.

If you need help, let my team serve you! Click that hyperlink above or click here.

#3 – Are you sending personal videos?

This is how sphere-based selling works…

Accept this…ALL of your friends are going to buy or sell a house.

Also, accept this…ALL of your friends know someone who is going to buy or sell a house SOON!

But realize this…the PROBLEM is that you don’t know when they will need you.

So, do you want to leave this up to fate? Or do you want to guess?

Heck no! This means you have to show up every single day…FOR THE RIGHT REASONS!

Personal videos are the most powerful opportunity you have in front of you to stay top of mind to your sphere.

Send them a birthday video. Check-in with them. Ask them a question. Send them an article with a follow-up video. Act like a real human that cares about their friends!

I have agents tell me every week that they picked up a listing or a buyer because of a “simple” or even “silly” video they sent them.

Guys, your friends don’t want to be sold to…they want to matter to you.


#4 – Are you consistent?

Don’t do social media based on emotion…

If you do, you’ll be on a constant roller coaster with your consistency.

Don’t go crazy when it works…and don’t stop when it’s slow.

Consistency compounds over time with social media.

If you don’t quit, you’ll reach a tipping point. And if you haven’t read “Tipping Point,” click that link and buy it! It will help you understand the power of doing the small things right over and over again.

You can sell 30 houses a year if you want to by committing to your social media efforts.

I watch it happen to Realtors all over the country!

Bottom line…stop overthinking how to grow your business and stop undervaluing yourself!

You got this! Let me know how I can help! 🙂